HPCG specialises in board evaluation, strategic reviews, executive coaching, leadership development and diversity. HPCG supports organisations to create environments that are open to new ideas and improved ways of working.

Board Evaluation

The HPCG Board Evaluation approach enables assessment of tangible and intangible dimensions of board performance.


  • board performance review (ongoing assessment and one-off audit)
  • board coaching
  • change management


  • online surveys
  • individual interviews
  • stakeholder workshops
  • facilitated feedback sessions
  • observation
  • document review

Executive Coaching

The HPG Executive Coaching service is designed to enhance performance, develop emotional intelligence, build influence skills and manage complexity.


  • one on one executive coaching
  • group coaching
  • leadership development
  • role analysis
  • Myer-Briggs analysis

Learning approach

  • goal setting
  • self-reflection
  • action learning
  • role play
  • case studies

Organisational Review

HPCG Organisational Review enables the development of a more aware, inclusive, high performance organisational culture.


  • organisation evaluation and review
  • culture and change management
  • inclusion and awareness training
  • gender health-check


  • evidence-based survey
  • interviews and focus groups
  • action learning workshops
  • coaching for change