Dr Hannah Piterman has written extensively on organisation culture,  workplace leadership and diversity

Recent Publications, Media and Peer Reviewed work

Piterman, H. (2021) ‘Society around the edges – Populism, polarisation, and paralysis’, Socioanalysis 22:2021 (41-48), ISSN 1442-4444 

Piterman, H. (2020) ‘Social licence: the idea AMP should embrace now David Murray has left the building’

Piterman H (2018) 'How email culture is failing women at work' Sydney Morning Herald, 26 March 

Piterman H (2018) 'Email culture to blame for workplace failure on #MeToo' (the Conversation , March 23)

Piterman H (2015) ‘All that glitters is not gold - the allure of the of the business case for gender equality: An Australian perspective’, Socio Analysis Volume 17 ISSN 1442-4444 pp 64-83

Piterman L, Komesaroff P. A., Piterman H and Jones K. J. (2015) ‘Domestic violence: it is time for the medical profession to play its part’ Internal Medicine Journal, Volume 45, Issue 5, May, Pages 471–596 doi/10.1111/imj.2015.45.issue-5/issuetoc

Piterman H (2015) ‘The Career Interruption that has not Name’  in  Career

Interrupted, Melbourne Books, Melbourne pp 175-185

Piterman H 17/11/2014 Why Australian Business Needs Another Gail Kelly (The Conversation)

Piterman H 04/07/2014 The Banality of evil: violence against women (The Conversation)

Piterman H 28/06/2013 Mad men working style: why we're still failing to harness female talent (Women's Agenda)

Piterman H 27/06/2013 Men at the helm: mad, bad and dangerous to know (The Conversation)

Piterman H 06/04/2013 Diversity and Gender: Realities for growth in the global economy  (CEDA)

Piterman H (2013) Contemplations on a 30-year journey in 'Sideways to the Top' Melbourne Books, Melbourne

pp 22-36

30/11/2012 To engage with Asia, we must be multi-cultural in more than name (The Conversation)

08/05/2012 Spot the difference: how unconscious gender bias leads to missed opportunities (The Conversation)

30/09/2011  Women in leadership: Looking below the surface (CEDA)

10/02/2011 Boards need to show some remuneration restraint or pay the price (The Age BusinessDay)

In the News - Hannah Piterman citations 

12/07/2013 The Persecution of Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Independent Australia)

12/11/2012 Male, pale and Anglo: The diversity deficit of our boards (Smart Company)

08/11/2012 Boards need change agents, not just more women (The Conversation)

28/09/2011 Don't make me angry: female bosses enrage employees (

27/09/2011 ABC News Breakfast Hannah Piterman Interview (ABC) (DVD)

27/09/2011 The language changes, but still plenty of bias (Catherine Fox,Financial Review)

01/08/2011 From Equal Opportunity to Gender Equality (Amanda Stevens,Law Institute of Victoria)

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