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21/10/2010 The Leadership Challenge: Rediscovering the Voice of Reason Organisational & Social Dynamics (vol. 10 (2) pp. 180-206)

28/09/2010 The talents of women are being squandered (The Sydney Morning Herald)

03/11/2009 The step backwards (The Age BusinessDay)

23/04/2009 Opportunity within crisis (The Age BusinessDay and Financial Review)

18/03/2008 Business behaving badly as sex stereotypes rule in a man's workplace world (The Age BusinessDay)

20/04/2007 Dominant discourse in health care practice (Organisational and Social Dynamics)

24/05/2006 Consumer representation: challenges and pitfalls (Internal Medicine Journal)

20/12/2005 Have we abandoned the patient? Consumer Representation: A Social Defence Against Patient Status (Socio Analysis)

In the News

22/05/2008 Blokes prevail in corporate culture (Financial Times)

20/04/2008 Women Rule, OK? (The Age BusinessDay)

18/03/2008 Woolworths director accuses colleagues of sexism (Lateline Business - Video)

18/03/2008 Woolworths director accuses colleagues of sexism (Lateline Business - Transcript)

18/03/2008 Why top jobs elude women (The Australian)

18/03/2008 Who are we kidding? Business is blokes land (The Age BusinessDay)

18/03/2008 Why women miss out on top corporate jobs (Smart Company)

17/03/2008 Glass ceiling firmly in place (CIO, NZ)

18/03/2008 Male bosses snub glass ceilings report: Woolworths director (ABC News)

18/03/2008 Walking on broken glass (Resurgence)